Eater of Souls: Apocrypha on the Eternal Wyrm

by Eater of Souls

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“Eater of Souls: Apocrypha on the Eternal Wyrm” paints a bleak and unforgiving picture of the fundamental nature of existence: all of life is a perpetual carnival of living beings gorging on each other in order to sustain themselves and prepare the way for the new generation; just as the Ouroboros devours its own tail in an eternal cycle.

Entropy increases, life ebbs and flows in a dance of death and rebirth, and the cosmos drifts on into ever increasing disorder and chaos. As each moment passes, things change, and once these changes have happened, they are never undone. We all age as the years pass by—people are born, they live, and they die. The universe is irreversibly changing.

In contrast with Eater of Souls' previous output, this full-length debut album is far heavier, and certainly more mature. The sound that characterised "Mirror of the World" has now evolved, retaining the unsettling nature of the melodies shown before, but in a whole new outfit: far heavier, with colossal guitar riffs and thundering, demonic growls, and haunted by disorienting time signatures.

If you like Ulcerate, Svartidauði or Immolation,
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P.S. This is an independent digital release. A CD or vinyl release would be nice but, lacking the funds to press those myself, a potential physical release will depend on a record label picking this up.


released November 30, 2015

All music by Y. Theuns

Symbol of Chaos & Ouroboros sigil designed by Floor Steinz Illustrations.

Cover art by Y. Theuns



all rights reserved


Eater of Souls Utrecht, The Netherlands

Eater of Souls is a studio project
founded by Yuri T. (Wilds Forlorn, Ascese, Apotelesma) Eater of Souls paints a bleak
and unforgiving portrait of the nature of existence: all of life is a perpetual
carnival of living beings gorging on each other in order to sustain themselves,
just as the Ouroboros devours its own tail in an eternal cycle. The music is dark, suffocating, colossal and haunting
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Track Name: Exordium
In physics, the law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant—it is said to be conserved over time. Energy can be neither created nor be destroyed, but it transforms from one form to another.

The first law of thermodynamics is a version of the law of conservation of energy, adapted for thermodynamic systems. The law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system is constant; energy can be transformed from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed.

The second law of thermodynamics is an expression of the universal principle of dissipation of kinetic and potential energy observable in nature. The second law is an observation of the fact that over time, differences in temperature, pressure, and chemical potential tend to even out in an isolated physical system. Entropy is a measure of how much this process has progressed. In a natural thermodynamic process, the sum of the entropies of the interacting thermodynamic systems increases. The entropy of an isolated system that is not in equilibrium tends to increase over time, approaching a maximum value at equilibrium.
Track Name: Mouth of the Wyrm
One cannot see beyond one’s own vastness.
The quest for light, itself an inward pull
From which light cannot escape;
And creating a hunger:
Ever expanding, abyssal hunger

Reaching for the stars,
We are become the dreadful Mouth of the Wyrm,
Devourer of all things.
The belly of the Beast churns
With untamed appetite,
Chasing the tail of moments everlasting.

We are bound to Terra,
To remain here a while,
Until such time comes
When we must depart from the world.

As the body is destroyed,
The Animus is cast into darkness.
But it is never lost.

Beyond Representation
Lie the Formless in waiting.
Unhewn Bodies of Infinite Will.
They know us as we know ourselves.
They know our doom as they know their own.

Man, that pitiful would-be god,
He scorns the fly, he weeps for the dog, and mocks the swine.
But how, then, does he imagine the Æons look upon man himself?

"As you may sometimes
Praise the fox or hare,
Admiring its cunning and speed,
And lamenting as the hounds tear its flesh,
So do we sometimes
Admire our prey,
As it cheats our snares
Or eludes pursuit."

So celebrate you your grand office,
And exalt you your works
While they yet stand untarnished.
But know yourself not so different
From the Formless that lie in wait.

"Like all worldly things, you will in time wear, and be used up. You age, grow ugly, weak, and foolish. You are always lost, late or soon.

Man is mortal, and doomed to death and failure and loss.
This lies beyond our comprehension―why do you not despair?"
Track Name: Unto Ourselves
Purging flames
Burn away the flesh,
Devour the world,
And recreate what was not meant to be.
This was never meant to be.

We, the restless,
With blind eyes
Break, tear and burn
The reflection of all,
To become,
Again and again,
A sacrifice unto ourselves.

"We who, Habituated to a discipline of horror,
And meditating upon our own carrion,
Have reduced ourselves to ashes―
We look towards death’s past,
And we ourselves
Are merely resurrected beings
Who can no longer live.
Our method has cured us
Of both life and death."
Track Name: Carved in Bone
I saw redemption in the eyes of the unmaker.
I read the signs imparted to me at great cost.


Carved in bone, I read the secrets of the universe,
What was begotten at the dawn of time’s end.

False redeemer

The law of entropy,
A victory only for the diseased.

What was bestowed upon this destitute prophet of death:
A child caught in a trap of his own making,
Morosely fixated on self-deconstruction.

The scent of sulphur lay thick in the air.
An arrogant god-head watching his skin erupt into fire.
Self-serving saviour, broken like waves on the seashore.

The knowledge of eternity,
A burden too heavy to bear.

Carved in bone, I read a projection of self-loathing.
We cannot escape ourselves.
Track Name: Banishment
Like exiles we are,
Borne into paradise never lost,
Never attained.
Banished from one life
Into the next,
And again.

The past is a story we tell ourselves,
And man is the sum of his tales.
A doleful spectacle, a tragedy on display.
A story written in blood.

Hear you not the prayers of pious men!
And feel you not their soothing balms!
For it is their cure that is the poison,
Emptying us of terror profound.
Celestial apprehension, a path to self-creation.

Sol was then made god above
And man the servile slave at its whip.
A neglectful father, a mother destitute.
And it fled beyond the horizon.

Banishing man to the dark,
Cast out into the arms of Abaddon,
(Such as we are, thou shalt be.)
Appalled and destitute,
He could but pray for his curse to be lifted,
Or wait for dark to become him.
(Such as we are, thou shalt be.)

Like exiles they are,
Locked in pursuit neverending;
Never resolved.
Chased from the heavens
And cast down below,
And again.

As night ate the day, so day ate the night away.
Delivered from twilight,
The dawn would see man return to the surface,
To worship his mortal god.

The past is a story we tell ourselves,
And man is the sum of his tales.
A doleful spectacle, a tragedy on display.
A story of submission.
Track Name: Tail of the Wyrm
Dread Serpent of no beginning or end,
Eternal Eater of Souls,
Bestow upon us the will to negate all forms.
Nothing attained, Never atoned,
Falling into the unknown.
Forever falling
Seized by a vertigo unfathomable,
We revel in cosmic anarchy,
Forever to consume and be consumed.

"The moments follow each other;
Nothing lends them the illusion
Of a content
Or the appearance of a meaning;
They pass;
Their course is not ours;
We contemplate that passage,
Prisoners of a stupid perception.

The heart’s void confronting time’s:
Two mirrors, reflecting each other’s absence,
One and the same image of nullity.

Hold your breath: everything stops;
Suspend emotions: nothing stirs;
Suppress whims: the world turns to ashes.

Detached from every object,
Having nothing external to assimilate,
We destroy ourselves in slow motion.

We are the infinity of souls
That have rotted for lack of superstitions,
A banal absolute where nothing any longer
Keeps things from turning in circles."