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Dread Serpent of no beginning or end,
Eternal Eater of Souls,
Bestow upon us the will to negate all forms.
Nothing attained, Never atoned,
Falling into the unknown.
Forever falling
Seized by a vertigo unfathomable,
We revel in cosmic anarchy,
Forever to consume and be consumed.

"The moments follow each other;
Nothing lends them the illusion
Of a content
Or the appearance of a meaning;
They pass;
Their course is not ours;
We contemplate that passage,
Prisoners of a stupid perception.

The heart’s void confronting time’s:
Two mirrors, reflecting each other’s absence,
One and the same image of nullity.

Hold your breath: everything stops;
Suspend emotions: nothing stirs;
Suppress whims: the world turns to ashes.

Detached from every object,
Having nothing external to assimilate,
We destroy ourselves in slow motion.

We are the infinity of souls
That have rotted for lack of superstitions,
A banal absolute where nothing any longer
Keeps things from turning in circles."




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Eater of Souls Utrecht, The Netherlands

Eater of Souls is a studio project
founded by Yuri T. (Wilds Forlorn, Ascese, Apotelesma) Eater of Souls paints a bleak
and unforgiving portrait of the nature of existence: all of life is a perpetual
carnival of living beings gorging on each other in order to sustain themselves,
just as the Ouroboros devours its own tail in an eternal cycle. The music is dark, suffocating, colossal and haunting
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